Friday, 2 March 2007

A little bit of 'crastination does you good

Okay ... so I have a day off work, my chores are pretty much up together, important phone calls have been made, and I have all day to write. So what have I done? I've surfed the net, I've had my morning coffee break ... I surfed the net some more, then had lunch ... I surfed the net a little bit more 'cause there was this one site I just had to check out. Then I popped downstairs and made myself a fortifying cup of tea and brought it up here ready to start on the wip. Now, I really need to loosen up my fingers to get them moving adeptly over the keyboard (clicking the mouse with the index finger doesn't really count) so I'm updating my blog. Well, it's writing isn't it? Oh, and I really should check my Google ranking ... and my emails ...

Then, I'll have another cup of tea and maybe a couple of biccies, after which I'll be ready to get back to (I mean, start) work towards my daily writing goal.

But hang on, there's the postman. He's late today ... Ooh, look what I've got here - my latest Amazon delivery. Think I'll just go and put the kettle on ...

TJ ;-)

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