Friday, 23 March 2007

Dream Away

As a writer I've never had any problem finding ideas for stories, in fact, I have too many floating around at any one time, so that I have to really focus on my WIP otherwise I'm not sure I'd ever get anything finished. For a while now I've been playing around with a romantic suspense, always stalled by the hero who, while giving the outward impression that he's cool, relaxed and flirtatious, hides a darker side that he just won't let me see.

For some reason I was thinking about him last night, wondering about his past, and what made those barriers of his so impenetrable. What was his story? As usual he remained tight-lipped, cockily assuring me that he was fine and it was all in my overworked imagination. But I can be relentless when I want to be and got so annoyed with him that I told him to leave me the hell alone, and not bother me again until he was ready to spill.

About half four this morning I woke up, and running through my head was an old Frank Sinatra song ...

For the last time we have tasted
love's sweet tears by the fire's glow.
If our hearts are strong there'll be
no long good-byes when it's time to go.
But the strongest torch is sometimes broken
As the deepest vows aren't always spoken,
And the greatest wounds, we hide inside ourselves
Where they never show.*

Saul's image floated in front of me, with his cocky smile and easy charm, but I noticed the glint in his eye was gone and in its place a poignancy that set my pulse racing. With a jolt, I realised he'd given me a little signpost to his past and, while cryptic and cautious as ever, had allowed me a peek through the barrier and into his heart.

Well, it's something ... and I only hope his heroine can manage to pierce through his secrets faster than I can, otherwise it'll be a long, long book ...


*Dream Away
(J.Williams, P.Williams)

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