Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Closing the bedroom door ...

Just been catching up with posts over at Romancing the Blog and was very interested in yesterday's post about 'sexy' and 'sweet' romance. While I know I am most definitely not an erotica writer, I do like to include the consummated love scene(s) in my books. I started to wonder why.

Like most romance authors I know, I fall in love with my heroes. I fall in love with their strength, with their tenderness, with their arrogance, their vulnerability, their very male-ness. And because I fall in love with all that, and so does my heroine, I want to know what he's like in the sack. Is he selfish, is he generous, is he giving, is he rough, is he tender? I want to know all that. And that's why I follow my characters into the bedroom.

I've read wonderful romances where the author has kept the reader firmly out of the action, and I haven't felt cheated in the least. But, for my own writing, I want to go there.

Then I can fall in love with my hero all over again ... sigh ... and know that whatever happens in my characters' lives after I write THE END, they'll still be happily heating up the sheets for long years to come.

TJ ;-)

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