Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Daily Success Habits

Heading over to Creation Thoughts for my daily dose of inspiration, I came across a neat idea that challenges people to list 5 to 10 things you do on a daily basis to help you become successful. So, here's mine, in no particular order:

1. Make lists. I can't survive without my lists, and if I write things down it frees up my mind for other things.

2. Think positive. Sometimes I slip (well, many times I slip) but this is something that's important to me, so I work on it. I'm constantly amazed at the power of the mind, and how easily we can change the course of the day by simply changing the flow of our thoughts.

3. Be grateful. Sometimes I'm so focused on my goals and what I want to achieve, that I forget the fantastic things that are already in my life. So, every night before I slip into sleep, I offer a silent 'thank you' for the gifts I've been given.

4. Schedule things that are important to me. It's so easy to get swept up in the day, especially when you have a day job you love (as I do) and an evening and weekend job (writing) you love even more. But I have other things that are important to me, too. Like spending time with my hubby, with my friends, pottering in the garden, having a facial, seeing a good movie. Most days I try and aim for a balance.

5. Spend time with my hubby. Essential! After 30 years of marriage we're obviously doing something right! And he's still the person I most want to be with :-)

6. Dream and just be. Spending time with my thoughts, letting my imagination run wild, dreaming up plots and characters ... so essential to my well being. I couldn't live without my "dream" time.

7. Read. Nothing like a good book to make me feel that all's well in the world. I need my daily reading fix. Stephen King says if you're not a reader, you can't be a writer ... and that's good enough for me.

8. Write. Every day, without fail. If I don't, it feels like something's missing.

9. Surf the Internet. I mean, what a wonderful tool. I use it to research, to contact other writers, to find out what's happening in the world, to get inspiration for heroes (especially pleasurable) and just for the pleasure of blog-hopping.

10. Keep healthy. I try and eat well and to get some exercise every day. Yoga is my exercise of choice, and has been for over thirty years. It gives me everything I need, mentally and physically. Like writing, a day without yoga makes me feel a little off balance.

So, there are my daily success habits, the things that help me feel good about my world. What are yours?

Whatever else you do, enjoy your day!



Rebecca said...

Hey Tricia - I spend far too much time on the internet most days - but my favourite bit of the day is after my kids go to bed - I put my jammies on and decide what to do

- read??
- watch tv??
- spend more time on the net

what an exciting life I lead!

Tricia Jones said...

Hi Rebecca, sounds good to me :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

Jennah said...

Sounds good to me too. With two small kids, it's hard to work it all in. I want to do more yoga. Got to get at that. I completely agree with the positive thinking. I've really been working on that lately.

Tricia Jones said...

Hi Jennah, thanks for stopping by.

Yes, it's hard fitting everything into the day, especially with little ones around. Good luck with the yoga ... little and often if you can get a whole session in ;-)