Thursday, 15 March 2007

Something to think about ...

This morning, while waiting for my new refrigerator to be delivered - the old one finally conked out last week - I watched from the kitchen window as a bird painstakingly hopped around the garden gathering twigs and such for a nest. The little thing was obviously a perfectionist as not just any old twig would do. No. It hopped and discarded, gathered and hopped some more, discarded and gathered and hopped some more. It was lovely to watch. But got me thinking how much I take my lovely warm and comfortable home for granted. I didn't have to build it twig by twig, or spend energy gathering raw materials to make it fit for habitation (shopping doesn't count ;-)) But that little nest is being built with love and care, and it made me take a fresh look around mine.

So, I put some extra food and water out for the birds today, and a silent thank you to that little messenger from nature for making me stop and think and be grateful.


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