Friday, 4 May 2007

Just chillin...

Been burning that proverbial candle a bit too enthusiastically lately and it's left me feeling a little jaded. But even though I knew I was pushing too hard, I just kept right on doing it - probably because I (mostly) love everything I do, which makes it even harder to stop and slow down.

It took a lovely day out with special girlfriends to make me realise things had to change. We visited Dyrham Park, near Bath, with its house, gardens and park. The house is a fantastic example of 17th century architecture and has some wonderful paintings and Dutch Delftware. It also has one of the oldest deer parks in England - the name Dyrham derives from the Saxon "deor-hamm" - and the deer were out in full force basking in the lovely spring sunshine. Even when we walked a few feet away from them, admiring and cooing, they merely took a long leisurely look at us and went on with their busy "doing nothing" routine.

Well, there are lessons in all situations and I took mine from those deer. So, as we approach a Bank Holiday weekend I've made sure I've got nothing much planned. Hubby is studiously occupied, but I've given myself permission to just chill. I can read if I want to, garden if I want to, write if I want to and treat myself to an extra long yoga session to replenish the well.

Whatever you're doing, have a great weekend.


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Rebecca said...

hope you have a good, relaxing and replenishing time!