Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy (US) Mother's Day!

We have two collared doves who come into the garden each day. They sit on top of our pergola for hours, rain or shine. Early last evening I spotted movement and saw a baby dove lower down on the pergola, about a foot off the ground. Of course, we kept watching him and he seemed fine. But it started getting dark and he was barely moving. We managed to get really close to see if he was okay, but all he did was blink. We called the RSPCA for advice and they said to get him in a box with a little water,and take him inside for the night. After much cooing and coaxing (our neighbours already know we're mad) we managed it.

I braced myself this morning, quite prepared that he'd died during the night. But he was okay, very alert and testing his wings a little. Out of the box, he headed straight for the spot we'd found him and soon mum and dad were on the scene feeding him! I was close to tears I can tell you. But that wasn't the end to the enchantment. Later, we saw him by the bird water bowl with his sister (you can just see her behind the leaf). After about an hour, Oscar (that's what we named him - I know it's sad, but there you are) flew into some nearby bushes and we haven't seen him since. But Nellie is still there by the bowl. Mum is feeding her at regular intervals and we're hoping she's strong enough to fly out soon.

So, on this US Mother's Day I feel a little like a proud, but anxious, surrogate mum myself. My little charge has left the nest and flown off someplace. I don't know where he is, but I haven't stopped thinking about him and hoping he's okay.

Happy Mother's Day!


** Update ... it's Sunday evening and the two little ones are back together. Mum and dad have been around all day feeding them and watching over things. The RSPCA said to leave them and let nature take its course, but as it gets darker I'm getting anxious again. We're going to put some foliage around them so they're a little more protected from predators. I haven't done a thing all day except keep checking on them, and something tells me I won't be getting much sleep tonight. I just wish they'd fly off somewhere safe. My hat goes off to all you mums out there - how on earth do you cope?


Rebecca said...

ooh - hope he's okay. And Oscar's a great name - I have a son, Oscar! :)

Tricia Jones said...

Thanks Rebecca. I'll be glad when these fledglings can fend for themselves!

Yes, I love the name Oscar. Once knew a hunk of a guy named Oscar ... hmm ... memories ...