Saturday, 28 April 2007

On a clear day ...

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I've been battling with a plot point for the last couple of days, just couldn't seem to move forward with it. Then, this morning, I read an article on Feng Shui which suggests that clearing clutter can help when you feel stuck in life for any reason. Would it work on my plot point, I wondered? Well, I read further. Cleaning windows and any mirrors in your home can also help if you want to "see" things clearer. Couldn't hurt ... and my windows were in urgent need of medical attention. As was anyone who opened my wardrobe doors, attacked as they were by missiles masquerading as overstuffed hangers, shoes and handbags, which came tumbling out at the speed of light. So I set to work ...

A few hours later my clothes are colour-coordinated, the charity bag is filled to the brim, and my windows sparkle and gleam. So, here I am at the keyboard ready to type my way out of that plot point which, strangely enough, seems clearer now.

Problem is ... I feel so knackered after all that housework, I'm going to have to lie down for a while! Hmm, wonder if that article has any tips on how to persuade someone else to do the housework for you ..?


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