Monday, 2 April 2007

In sleep she came to me ...

I'm constantly amazed at the power of the mind. Last night I was pondering my current heroine's backstory and it just didn't gel. So I slept on it, and just before I slipped into dreamland I put the question to my subconscious. Woke about 5am from a really strange dream (which I put down to watching A Nightmare on Elm Street before going to bed) and promptly went back to sleep. Then about 7am I woke with that dream still very vivid. As I lay contemplating what it meant, I realised it was my heroine's backstory - all there in glorious technicolour. Of course, I had to unscramble it, sort out the detail, but it was there.

Oh, yes. The mind is one amazing and powerful tool.



Rebecca said...

Hi Tricia - other people always seem to have these great creative epiphanies! (sp?) They never seem to happen to me, though~

Tricia Jones said...

Hi Rebecca, it took me quite a bit of practice and a lot of sorting through the dross of the subconscious before I could mine the hidden gems! I'm not sure if it's really the answer to my questions or wishful thinking, but whatever works ;-)

Thanks for stopping by.