Thursday, 1 March 2012

A little boy's courage

We hear and read about bravery all the time, but it is never more poignant when found in a small child. A friend's nephew is the epitome of everything that is brave and courageous, and at last this lovely little boy gets the chance to have surgery that will change his life. Four year old George Palmer has selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR). This amazing little boy was never expected to walk, talk or know who his parents were. The thing was, nobody told George that. Today, he helps feed and dress himself, uses two-three word sentences to communicate, can sit up on his own, crawl and even pull himself up on the sofa.

Now, he has been given the opportunity to fly to the US for surgery at a specialist children's hospital in Missouri, the type of surgery that is not available on the NHS. Of course, this sort of life-changing trip does not come without it's difficulties and George's family need to raise £55,000 to give George the chance of walking unaided for the first time in his short, but amazingly inspiring life.

You can read more about George HERE and HERE and if you can donate even a small amount it will go a huge way to raising the £55,000 needed to send George on the trip that will change his life.


Lavada Dee said...

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute Tricia. Wishing this little boy and his family the best. Please keep us posted on how they do.


Tricia Jones said...

Hi Lavada, fingers crossed that funds can be raised to send George across the pond for this life-enhancing treatment. He certainly deserves it. Thanks for stopping by.