Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's hard being a puppy

Zorro is not happy. He came home from the vet's minus his manly bits and has since been showing his displeasure. Like most dogs he absolutely hates the buster collar and glares at me as if I'm the evil witch of the west. It seems all his naughty puppy behaviour, which we thought (hoped) we'd conquered, has returned with a vengeance. Jumping, which we have to prevent because of his wound, has intensified, mouthing (mostly me), dismantling his bed, stealing then running off with gloves, scarves and towels and pulling on the lead. Not to mention barking his dissatisfaction at life for stealing his jewels.

We were sort of hoping he might calm down a bit after the procedure, but right now it's as if someone flipped an electric switch and wired him for action.

Happy days!


Lavada Dee said...

I am sitting here laughing. I can almost see Zorro. You paint a great visual picture with words.

And, he is so BEAUTIFUL. If I'm hating the day when he will start work you have to be REALLY hating it.

Keep these stories coming. I love them.

Tricia Jones said...

Thanks for the compliment, Lavada, and yes, Zorro is a beautiful boy.

We don't mention 'big school' here in the Jones' household. It's a banned topic of conversation ;)