Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day Memories

I miss my dad every day of the year, but never quite as much as on Father's Day. Since I don't have a digital photo of him to put up, I've chosen one of Frank Sinatra (his favourite singer) as it somehow reminds me of him.

Dad loved life and lived it to the full. He was an armchair philosopher and always able to make me feel better when things didn't turn out too well. He looked for the good, for the positive and had a knack of exploring issues from all angles. He made me believe I could do anything I set my mind to.

Music was a passion we shared - Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones (he loved Mick Jagger)and he had every one of Jim Reeves' albums.

Mostly he loved his family. I know he adored me and was very proud of everything I achieved. He would love that I'm (almost) a published writer - I can see him now, propping up the bar at his local on a Sunday lunchtime, chest puffed with pride and getting the round in, while he told everyone who'd listen about his amazing author daughter.

He was my very first hero.

I love you, dad, and I miss you. God Bless.


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