Monday, 11 June 2007

Edits and a Cover

My first ever cover has been approved! Pop on over to the Samhain Publishing site and take a look at my gorgeous cover for His Convenient Affair. Click HERE to see what a great job Scott Carpenter has done.

Just sent first edits back to my editor. Phew! I've heard about "edit cave" and now I've spent some time there I understand why authors love and hate the place in seemingly equal measure. During the past few days I reckon I've gone through pretty much every emotion going - or at least it felt like it. I hated my work, then I thought it was okay. I wanted to ditch the whole manuscript and start over, then I went and fell in love with my hero all over again. I laughed through it and I cried through it - but, boy, have I learned a whole lot of stuff. My totally awesome editor has really made me think about the way I write - I reckon I must be in line for the title of "ellipses queen". I really enjoyed the process, and I know my writing is, and will continue to be, stronger for the experience. Here's to the second round!


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