Monday, 23 December 2013

Yoga for Writers

My first non-fiction book, Yoga for Writers (Simple Stretches for the Desk-Bound), will be released by ThornBerry Publishing in January 2014. Although it is aimed at writers, the book is suitable for anyone whose work involves long hours sitting at a desk.

Our bodies are designed to move, not remain inactive for long periods of time. By moving the body through a series of simple stretches, we restore energy – both physical and mental.  At the heart of yoga is the concept of balance, but this is often difficult for writers to put into practice. How often have we sat, eyes burning, back aching, shoulders screaming, head bursting, and thought “just one more line, one more paragraph, one more page”?

When the words are flowing and the muse is on fire it is hard – no, make that impossible – to turn off the computer or put down the pen. But a few minutes refreshing the mind, body and muse with simple yoga stretches and breathing techniques can release stiffness and tension in the body and actually enhance concentration and improve creative flow.
To celebrate the release of Yoga for Writers, I'll be adding a new feature to this blog which will give tips and suggestions for incorporating yoga and healthy living into your day. I hope you'll enjoy this.

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