Friday, 18 December 2009

Sad day for Togs as Terry says goodbye...

Terry Wogan signed off his breakfast show for the last time today after delivering a wonderfully poignant speech that left me in tears.

I remember listening to Terry as a young newly-wed, far from home, missing my family dreadfully, and his unique brand of humour often cheered me up. My late dad was a fan and we'd share stories over the phone about what Terry had said that day, laughing together until we could barely speak. Terry's banter helped when I lost my dad, my grandparents, and other loved ones, including my much beloved dog, Barney.

In Terry's goodbye speech he mentioned that his listeners were like friends, and strangely that's how he felt to me. A friend. His lovely wit, his cheery voice, the sheer lunacy of the stories he told.

This morning I was late for work as I sat in my car listening to the last few minutes of Terry's show. It was freezing cold - the coldest day of the year - but hot tears slid down my face as he gave his speech. He said he was honoured to be "Someone that you're close enough to laugh with, to poke fun at and occasionally when the world just seemed a little too cruel to shed a tear with. And the years together have not only been a pleasure but a privilege."

Right back at ya, Terry.

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