Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Cover Art for Satin Lies

Just look at the fabulous cover Dawn Seewer has created for Satin Lies...isn't it gorgeous? Dawn gave me everything I hoped for, and then some.

Satin Lies is scheduled for release on 3 June. Want to read the blurb? Then pop on over to Samhain Publishing and take a look.


Elliot Love said...

Sounds like a very intriguing book!

Samantha Lucas said...

I followed the link you have up at The romance studio until I found you because I had to tell you , you have the most beautiful covers!

Samhain does such great work. I'm published there too, but I was in the summer thing last year where we all got the same covers. Anyway, absolutely beautiful. :)

Tricia Jones said...

Hi Elliot, glad you think so!

Tricia Jones said...

Samantha, thanks so much. Yes, Dawn did a fantastic job, didn't she? How lovely of you to seek out my blog to tell me you like them.

I checked out your website - wow, you are so prolific!

Thanks for stopping by.