Saturday, 18 August 2007

Marketing -v- Writing

I've really been throwing myself into marketing following the release of my first book, and now it's gotten to the stage where I've had to stand back and say, no more!

Working full-time at the day job (which I love) leaves me little enough time for writing as it is, and this past couple of weeks I've abandoned that writing time in favour of promoting myself and my book. Neither comes easily to me - I much prefer banging away at the keyboard, getting lost in new worlds, discovering interesting characters - yet I suppose the promo side is all part of the process if, like me, you want to be successful. And it's a fairly addictive process, especially when it's so much fun to connect with readers and fellow authors. But where do you draw the line? How much promo is enough? When does it turn from becoming a necessary, if enjoyable, evil and turn into a thief of your writing time?

If there's anyone out there who knows the answer I'd love to hear from you. This newbie needs all the help she can get before she turns into a promo queen with nothing left to sell!

When I don't write I feel like there's something missing, a big part of me that is unfulfilled. I feel better when I write, I feel happier, more content. So, today I'm going to abandon the promo stuff and I'm going to write - I'm going to write, write, write .......... but first I just need to finish that marketing plan ...

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